Herpetology of Ethiopia and Eritrea

Brevicipitidae Bonaparte, 1850

Balebreviceps hillmani Largen and Drewes, 1989

Balebreviceps hillmani - type locality, Bale keflehager, Ethiopia
Balebreviceps hillmani is a stout-bodied frog with females having a snout-vent length of 45 - 53 mm and males having a smaller length of 36 - 39 mm. The head and eyes are relatively small. The snout is rounded and truncated. Tympanums seem to be absent in this species. The ventral surface on the other hand, is smooth to weakly granular, except for the throat region, which is very wrinkled. Hind limbs are relatively short yet very muscular. In life, expect to see a deep purple or brown color on the dorsal side, with a pair of pale yellow or golden stripes located dorsolaterally.

Known only from the type locality just below treeline in the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia at 3200 m.

The species is known from wet forest (Erica arborea), where he lives on it edges. All findings are per day, under rocks and trunks.

Largen, M. J., and R. C. Drewes . 1989.: A new genus and species of brevicipitine frog (Amphibia, Anura, Microhylidae) from high altitude in the mountains of Ethiopia. Tropical Zoology. Firenze 2: 13-30.

Common english name: Ethiopian Short-headed Frog

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